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Michele Kief is a Retirement Planning Travel Consultant

September 20, 2018

It is undeniable that Michele Kief has developed an excellent reputation as a financial advisor. So far, over nearly two decades, she has helped thousands of clients plan for retirement, at the same time she encourages them to live their best life now, by showing them how to live their travel dreams, even as they save for their retirement dreams. She understands well that living now and creating memories is just as important as socking away as much money as possible, which differentiates her from many of her peers. Her skill at travel planning provides her with a unique ability to show clients how to take the greatest, most memorable vacations for less money, and invest their savings in their future.

In her role as financial advisor, Michele Kief tries to offer clients a more holistic wealth management approach to her craft, and she employs a process that includes a wide array of services that many others in her industry are unable to offer. Michele helps clients choose individual investments that fulfill their individual needs as she helps to build a solid retirement plan that fits the future plans of that client alone. Michele believes it is essential for clients to live now, which explains the unusual twist in her practice.